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This week in Amsterdam #Vluchtroute – a refugee focus week

From Monday March 14 to Fiday March 18 Pakhuis de Zwijger will pay special attention to the refugee crisis with dinners, films, and conversations, and it is all free of charge.
Check their programme here.

The Refugee Phrasebook

By www.bisnode.hr (refugeephrasebook.de) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
By www.bisnode.hr (refugeephrasebook.de) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Refugee Phrasebook is a multilingual tool that provides basic useful vocabulary related to the most common immediate needs. It is an open collaborative project that is aimed to provide the most important vocabulary to refugees, by assembling important phrases from various fields and encouraging designers and experts in the field to improve on the material. 
The project is noncommercial and the books will be available for free. They are also creating a Medical and a Juridical Phrasebook.
Please check them out here.


downloadFive years on Syria’s conflict has originated  4.8 million refugees in neighbouring countries, hundreds of thousands in Europe, and 6.6 million people displaced inside Syria. Syria population was about 20 million before the war as started. Read more about the latest UNHCR numbers on Syria.

On March 30, the UNHCR will be host a high-level international conference in Geneva, calling on governments for a major increase in places for Syrians. To this day, around 170,000 places have been secured by governments around the world.  This meeting will be an opportunity for governments and communities to boost their support for Syrians.

Read more at the UNHCR website.


Forum “Civil Society Welcoming Refugees in Europe”

downloadApril 4th to 10th 2016, Berlin.

The Forum “Civil Society Welcoming Refugees in Europe” is an initiative from the InMOE e.V. short for Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V. .

InMOE e.V. is a non-profit-organisation, based in Berlin, which connects 30 organisations from Central and Eastern Europe in a network aiming at strengthen civic commitment.

This Forum will be an opportunity for actively engaged people to step out of their work and meet with other like-minded and similarly engaged activists, volunteers, social workers etc. The purpose is to deliberate the situation, exchange experiences and inspire or even coordinate next steps of action. Read more on their website.


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andreia fidalgo
Andreia Fidalgo

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