The 18th Nordic Migration Conference, 2016

Migration and social inequality: Global perspectives – new boundaries

August 11-12 2016, Oslo

The University of Oslo in cooperation with the Nordic Migration Research and the Norwegian Network for Migration Research will welcome the 18th Nordic Migration Conference. This conference takes place every two year with a interdisciplinary and international outlook.

In an increasingly globalized world, boundaries of class, nationality, ethnicity, gender and legal statuses are intersecting in new ways, giving rise to changing and new dimensions of inequality within and between both migrant sending and migrant receiving societies. This years focus will be to explore the diverse links between international migration and social inequality, in a Nordic, European and global context. Read more.


Open call for paper abstracts

The call for paper abstracts is open from February 1st until March 15th. Read more.


Here you can read a detailed description of each workshop. Check Workshop proposal nr. 42 – Housing and its influence on the everyday lives of asylum seekers.


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